Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogging, like anything else...

...takes patience and several attempts to "get it right." For me, anyways.

I remember the last couple of times I tried to do a blog. For my first blog, I remember really wanting to sign off each post with "This has been a Hard Hit from Mike Britt. Put some ice on it. It'll heal." Now, as compassionate as that was, it didn't really take off. My second attempt at a blog...well, I recall signing off with "This has been a Triumphant Truth. Anything else is a lie." Not a whole lot of wiggle room there, you think?

As you can see, I was kind of a fireball back then, but unrestrained and untempered zeal can really lead to a lot of impulsive, ill-founded posts, so my blogs ended up having a lot of statements that sounded good on paper, but were really either utopian in their ideals or simply rude in their presentation. Furthermore, I tend to rant about issues that grind my gears; that tendency wormed its way into my blogs as well, and I'm sure this blog will probably suffer from a little bit of that along the way. But I don't want to allow the little things to become the point of this blog.

So, in conclusion, this blog isn't about things that bug me, although I'll probably write about a few here and there. This blog isn't about my opinion about everyday things and current events, although I'm sure I'll offer it often. Truly, I suppose if I had to put a statement of purpose to this blog, it would be as follows: This goal of this blog is to present practical, culturally-relevant Biblical truths...voiced by some guy who lives in New England. It really is just my mental meanderings about some things floating around in Christianity. But I want it to be a blessing, and I want it to help people be more like Christ.

I hope it goes well.


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  1. Ayuh! From a Maina' I am lookin' fowahhhd to hearin' whatcha gotta say. I just know that itll be bettah than a poke in the eye with a shahp stick right thaya!